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    We are logistic expert providing key logistic services
    on domestic and international.
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    We minimize the gap between complex process.

About Us

We are unique and a class above in leading edge logistics solution.

- Securiforce Logistic Sdn Bhd -

Our Services

Securiforce Logistic (SFL) views logistic as a way to differentiate our products and service from the competition.

To SFL logistic is not a single function - it is a process. We customise our services to coincide ith our client's production scedules by integrating the logistic process into their supply chain

SFL service are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Additionally, SFL does not assess overtime fees or special surcharges levied by traditional freight forwarding integrated carriers

SFL distinguishes itself by it dedication and commitment to the semi-conductor industry. Through this expertise, we provide a logistics program conductive to the reduction of time circles, timely-to-market and secure delivery for over 50 semiconductor companies

Air Freight


As a global freight forwarder SFL maintains strong alliances and relationships with all major cargo commercial carriers and logistic partners. We offer a wide range of services including express and scheduled consolidation for both imports and exports

Ocean Freight

SFL offers a comprehensive menu of ocean service, strategic alliance with the shipping lines and sea freight agents, ensuring we can accommodate even you most demanding shipping schedule

Custom Brokerage

SFL simplifies the complex world of international shipping, keeping your products moving quickly, timely to market and beign as efficient as possible. SFL has the capability to clear customs via air, ocean,truck or on-board courier

As the primary liaison with govermment custom officials, SFL-owned Custome Brokers or Agents will use their proven experience and state-of-the-art system technology to advice and represent you in all types of international transactions

Security Trucking

A key part of logistic through-flow is the ability to ensure your delivery or pick-up is safe and problem-free from all crimes, elements or undesirable activities

SFL maintains our own fleet of security trucks to provide you with unsurpassed service, 24 hours a day, 365 days of he calendar year.

3rd Party Logistic Service

The purpose of logistic management goes beyond striving for on-time deliveries. General Freight forwarders can handle shipments but if you are working to achieve you strategy of reducing time cycles and improving the efficiency of your production, you need to look at how the logistics activities are integrated seamlessly into your process and that's where SFL adds true value

We become an extension of your workforce by uderstanding your production and delivery schedule, packing, shipping and security requirements and distribution objectives.

We truly become integrated into your supply chain. Jointly with your input, we develop a logistic programs that meets your needs and logistic goals

Value-Added Services

AT SFL, we view logistics as a competitive differentiation. Because it is process, logistics can be customised to support your unique manufacturing objectives. We work with you to customise the best logistics program to meet your business needs.

We tailor our services to coincide with your production schedules, by integrating the logistics process into the supply chain.

A special account representative or manager is available to steamline communications and increase efficiency

Our personnel are trained to anticipate your needs and provide the status of shipment and flight details, including estimating times of departure and arrival. We also provide you manage your logistic activities

For your convenience, SFL personnel are available 24 hours a day to provide problem resolutions. To guard against unforeseen events, we have contingency planning that can re-adjust operation to ensure delivery goals are met.


- Securiforce Logistic Sdn Bhd -


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    • BestBrands: Integrated Security Logistic 2007
    • BestBrands: Integrated Security Logistic 2007


Contact Us

  • Securiforce Logistic Sdn Bhd, No 55, Complex Udarama, Jalan 2/64A off Jalan Ipoh, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • +603 4042 0266
  • +603 4044 8859
  • info@sfl.com.my

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